Terms and Conditions

1. We have a no-obligation booking system, and no Booking Fee is charged.

2. Installation charges are to be paid prior to installation, unless there is a prior arrangement made.

3. Production is Free, and Community Media Network retains Ownership of Billboards.

4. We can store the Billboards FREE of Charge if requested.

5. Any damage to Billboards while in storage will be replaced at our cost.

6. Installation costs can be negotiated, by volume of signs and amount of periods.

7. Installation for Nationwide Billboards is for each period.

8. All our Billboards are located with 250 metres unobstructed visibility e.g. without rocks, telephone poles, trees, bushes. Visibility is the core of our business. 

9. Regulations prohibit Billboards to be placed within 200 metres of an intersection, on double yellow lines, within 50 metres of passing lanes etc.

10. We can supply the legal measurements of required sites on request. This includes visibility from both directions, measurements from the centre line of the road and the distance from closest feature e.g. bridge, road, river etc.

11. If a Billboard is down during the period of the contract e.g. storms, graffiti or any other reason a credit will be passed for this period.

12. With new sites we can build our signs to the closest legal site available to your clients’ requirements, this provides your client with the opportunity to select some locations.

13. New sites will incur a building Charge of $200.00 per site or a negotiated rate for multiple sites.

14. All billboards are double sided.

15. There is no extra installation rate for the second side of a Billboard.

16. Primary Advertiser has first choice on direction on Billboard, and right of veto if there is a conflict of interests with secondary advertiser.
Preferred Time Frames
1. Billboards are required 7 working days prior to Installation date.

2. Final High Resolution Artwork is required 14 working days prior to Installation date.

3. Artwork to be supplied in TIF, EPS or PDF format (PDF preferred).

4. We require Low resolution Artwork e-mailed to us prior to artwork being produced to check legalities of District Plans and LTSA regulations.